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25 January 2019

Gonondo - Emandulo

Emandulo - Eyes of the Gods- Gonondo Sheila Mbele. Yesterday I was there, today, I am here, tommorrow I will be guided to the future, a future which I am told today. Each day when I take my body to rest, my mind wonder the whole planet earth and beyond, my spirit is taken away to collect the mysterious intellect unknown to the living. Yes, I am shown the treasures with no value. Some years back, I entered mother earth. From that stage onwards granny fed me staple diet of Ancestral Chants, in happiness or hardship. I used to receive her melody and reciprocate by singing along.

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05 October 2019

Qwin LeMah - Senasepula

Qwin LeMah. Was born in Randfontein, Mohlakeng. Born and raised in a small family of 4, being her mother Jacobeth Sannah Thabeng, her father Leslie Tshotleho Mahautsane and her sibling twin sister Teboho Mahautsane. She went to Sedimosang Primary School and proceeded to Phahama Senior Secondary where she completed matric in 2007... In 2016 she was welcomed at Mpemba Institute of Afrikan Traditional Healing and Spirituality (MIATHS). Where the music is currently taking place. Qwin LeMah is an up coming artist (singer/song writer) and a young Sangoma embracing her gift of healing through song and other ancient ways under the guidance and strict supervision of Baba Gonondo Sheila Mbele. The name Qwin LeMah was born from and motivated by the personal and spiritual journey of this vibrant soul. Qwin- reigning in the kingdom of twins. She represents a sacred space of the twin spirits initiated at the same time. I would love to take this opportunity to thank and give credit to the team at MIATHS MUSIC who have worked very hard and tirelessly to get this project of the ground. A huge thanks to Baba Gonondo Sheila Mbele for the chance to live my dream by allowing me to use her resources,her undying support and believing in my dream , uMkhulu Thulani Sipho Zulu and uMkhulu Kopano Ezra Mashala for the long hours they put on the production and engineering side

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Miaths Logo

Biography about Miaths Music

As is always the norm, for any dream to materialise, one needs to take action and pursue the dream. In the spiritual realm, the terms of reference are different from the physical world. The script is coded differently. Somebody may wish to know why it took this much long (2014) for an EIGHT Track CD to be released. The answer is simply: world of ancestral provide its own sets of meaning. Whenever the stars are not yet aligned nothing moves according to your dictates. Time has to be ripe; for the project to be presented. Today my world takes yet another sacred shape. The project is blessed by angelic voiced of the twins Lebohang and Teboho Mahautsane, Mkhulu Mosimanegape Makhene, Gogo Sibongile Hlatswayo, Gogo Fundisiwe Ndaba and Mkhulu Fusi Matshoara. To you Bo-Gogo NaboMkhulu – We exist because of each other and, exist for one another. My wish is to see you going back to the basics, pride ourself with our being. I wish to take this opportunity of present my music to South Africa, Afrika and the universe. To one and all Thokozani Ma - Afrika.